This actually has shaped up to be one thing actually special and I also am extremely pleased with my input. The nice woman Janet happens to be down for 2 days and it surely will be a welcome remainder on her having been strong during the pre school in current days.

Because of the Record Collector unique now a wrap I’ll be turning my focus on 1 or 2 other composing projects and April has already been searching busy.

Many thanks for listening – remain safe and you very lovely individuals…

Until the next time, remain safe and remain well…

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Dave, always a pleasure to revisit HOTH. My late dear buddy Charlie Quillen, an unknown master guitar player right here in the usa who died much too young, whom learned under Chet Atkins and jazz great Jimmy Rainey, held HOTH within the esteem that is highest as Zeppelin’s most “musical” record, inside the viewpoint. Every track is superb, the variety that is stylistic astonishing and engaging, as well as the production is really restrained and clear. There is certainly a crystalline purity, quality and accuracy particularly from Jimmy web web web Page, but actually the whole record is such a distinctive listen as to face away also on the list of Zep catalog. Thank you for showcasing this!

Hi Dave, the Record Collector simply provides a mistake 404 report and also the special is not showing on their site yet!

Many thanks for within the stuff from the homes Of The Holy record album. As you, i do believe it is a really under-rated record which didn’t deserve the criticisms it got into the music press. If memory serves, whenever Graffiti that is physical came a couple of years later on some of these exact same experts instantly decided so it installed in to the context of going from IV to PG, and so made far more sense!! There was once a pop quiz-type programme on television straight straight straight back in the late 90’s with Jools Holland (Name That Tune, i believe), and participants had to bring certainly one of their favourite records with them – I always thought if we caused it to be on the programme then HOTH will be my choose. Cheers, and all sorts of the very best for you and yours.

Many Thanks once more for many insights that are really interesting. You talked about two of my favourite documents that I paid attention to over and over over and over repeatedly inside my teenage years : “Houses regarding the Holy” and” Birds of Fire”, my favourite Led Zeppelin record album and my 2nd Mahavishnu that is favourite record. I do believe I like HOTH the essential since it’s the very first Zeppelin LP We occurred to get, it is because summery as my 2nd favourite, “Presence”, is wintery. Me what is the best mellatron epic I would say it’s “The Rain Song” if you ask. Perhaps it is sweet Calcutta Rain. Houses associated with the Holy is gloriously Tight but free.

well I desired to share with you with all my fellow led zep fans some things that are cool have already been happening

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Then you are probably well aware of this already but the station “ozzy’s boneyard” has recently and finally added led zeppelin to its playlist which is very cool of course but what ive found even more interesting is that they have also added coverdale/page and have been playing them rather regular lately its been really refreshing to hear this on the radio again after all these years and especially as many of us zep fans will admit it was some of jimmys best guitar playing after zep on top of all that xm radio played the firm this morning on another station (might of been classic rock station??) i was a big fan of the firm and got to see them on the mean business tour would love to see jimmy reissue those discs remastered and with some added goodies ( btw dave do you ever hear any rumblings of match.com that happening??) just wanted to share this with fellow zep fans if you have xm radio

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