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* Note * i’m presently transcribing a few letters that we published during the period of my stay at Officer Candidates class the 2009 summer time. This is updated usually until we get most of the letters written, sorted, and precisely dated.

Day me on Graduation

Ever before I could earn the title of “Marine” I would have to complete the rigorous 6 week long Bulldog program at Officer Candidates School (OCS) in Quantico, VA since I became a Marine Option in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, I knew that. Aside from midshipmen through the united states of america Naval Academy, every aquatic Corps officer no real matter what course she or he took to be an officer (ROTC, PLC, or OCC) has finished at the very least six days of trained in dreaded Quantico. To state that the thing I experienced ended up being challenging will be a gross understatement – OCS is by far the absolute most hard officer assessment and assessment procedure into the entire armed forces.

Hey I have been falling asleep every time we sit down so we got about six hours of sleep last night which was ok but. We woke up and took the PFT (Physical Fitness Test) soon after we ate morning meal this(so around 6 AM) morning. Used to do very well! Most readily useful PFT ever – 100 sit ups, 20 pull ups (also with 3 on is 3.2 miles!) that they didn’t count!) and then a 21 minute 3 mile run (even though the course we run it. A couple of other folks didn’t fare so well – about 3 from our platoon of 60 failed the PFT as they are probably kicked away from OCS. Therefore, that stinks when it comes to, plus we probably destroyed some more to medical disqualifications. They destroyed Sean’s (one other Cornellian) medical physical so he waited to obtain a new real from 5:30 AM until 3:30 PM simply sitting regarding the small uncomfortable stools they provide us reading their prospect laws. Today they also shaved all of our heads. My gunnery sergeant rackmate (has got the bottom bunk) is additionally a former drill trainer at Paris Island (where they train enlisted recuits). Anyways, we get what is called “Picked up” which means there will be a lot of yelling, etc tomorrow. Therefore that knows once I should be able to write once again, basically OCS really starts tomorrow. We also saw phones away from barracks therefore them i might be able to call before the 3 week mark if we can use. The chaplain is speaking now, he appears very nice and I also think I will positively head to services.

Material sucks pretty bad right here and I also didn’t do well datingranking.net/dominicancupid-review/ now after all. I obtained yelled at a lot and I also knew that i really do maybe not know any single thing about such a thing. Everybody else here already understands just how to drill (march and do other movements) because of the M16s we got granted aside from me personally. I’m beginning to get pretty worried now. We’d a three mile run this which was OK I guess morning.

Therefore we only get like 4 hours of sleep every night I usually write to you right before finally hitting the rack since we stay up marking our gear (with very specific 1″ white tape, stencils, and sharpies) and then. It really is unbelievably hot right here, on all army bases i’ve been on they follow a colored flag system beginning with green banner. It is often flag that is green week that will be nevertheless hot adequate to prompt you to sweat buckets standing nevertheless in a tshirt (we wear complete cammies and boots…). It went to yellow flag so we unbloused our boots (basically our trousers are always “bloused” into our boots which is sort of like tucking them into your boots) which let the air flow up our legs supposedly today. Then it decided to go to flag that is red we took off our blouses (the top part of our uniform). It didn’t hit black yet, but black colored banner is 100 levels and 100 % moisture and also at that time we aren’t permitted to march in development or do such a thing outside.

Today they showed all of us the stuff that is nasty accidents that individuals have. Like cellulitis (“cellulitis starts in a location of broken epidermis, like a cut or scratch, permitting germs to invade and spread, causing irritation, which include discomfort, inflammation, heat, and redness.”) growing up an entire person’s leg and eating away at it totally. They even turned up an x-ray by which an applicant had run plenty that their femur had poked through the joint in their pelvis…

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